Certificate Money

Certificate Money Description

Community currency can help local businesses during a severe economic depression

The Certificate Money Program is completely free - it is designed to be a reliable way for producers of goods to print their own money. The program allows you to convert your assets (i.e., organic food, jewels, car title) into certificate money, which you use like other money. Quite simply, Certificate Money is an alternative to Federal Reserve Notes, and is designed to promote local stability in a time of severe economic depression.

How the Certificate Money Program Works

As a producer of goods (e.g., organic farmer) you look at your inventory and then print certificates that promise the inventory can be reclaimed by whomever holds the certificate at any given time. So the certificates work just like money - they could theoretically be traded thousands of times over before anyone actually comes to claim the goods. You give the certificates to people in your community (e.g., mechanic) in exchange for their goods and services. Whoever has your certificate can redeedm it (collect the goods stated on the certificate) whenever they wish, or keep the certificate circulating by trading it.

Expect the IRS to tax your transaction as a barter. Luckily for us growers of food, there is no sales tax on food.

How Do I Get Started?

To begin using certificate money in your community today:

  1. Produce natural / organic goods
  2. Designate a certain portion of your inventory for trade using certificate money
  3. Print this certificate or customize your own, and then begin trading. Here is an example of a completed certificate: Peace Dome Ranch sample certificate.
  4. Report your income on your year-end tax return just like you already do with other income.