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Purpose of this Website

Everydaycurrency.org is here to help you meet the growing demand for alternative currency. Everyday, more people are awakening to the inherent unfairness of the Federal Reserve System - an exponential debt and inflationary scheme created by the Federal Reserve. They're realizing that this system is hopelessly corrupt, and has been so even from the date of its creation on Jekyll Island in 1910.

The Monetary Problem

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Notice the massive consolidation of power and wealth in the world, the dire poverty of billions of humans, and the systemic corruption and vulnerability of commodities necessary to human survival. We need sustainable solutions in all human endeavor. Money is no exception. Here is probably the best option available right now for monetary reform: Public Banking Institute.

So, in spite of official rhetoric about the “need” for monetary complexity, the “need” to maintain an elastic money supply, and the “need” to bail out big operations to prevent them from realizing their own failures, the evidence shows that the Federal Reserve's fractional-banking system is actually designed to dilute the wealth (self-sufficiency) of the common man. The Fed does this primarily through inflation, but also by promoting risky lending, and supporting complex schemes that result in massive wealth transfers to international financiers. For an introductory explanation, read G. Edward Griffin's The Creature From Jekyll Island or Ellen Brown's Web of Debt.

But this monetary problem cannot be blamed exclusively on the Fed. To the extent we support the system, and make purchases and investments in unsustainable activities, we actually support our own demise. The Fed is just helping us achieve our goals efficiently.

Perhaps the fundamental problem underlying all human failures can be stated like this - everyday, people and institutions engage in the unfair control of others, and natural systems, for purposes of undeserved power.

Proposed Solution

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My family has helped me learn that in a natural sense, what we focus upon tends to grow, so we should focus upon positive solutions. What if our Nation took the following actions immediately, as a natural remedy to the monetary disease partially caused by the Fed:

  1. Stop Feeding the Disease - End the Federal Reserve Bank and all destructive forms of legally sanctioned collectivist power consolidation. Here is probably the best option available right now for monetary reform: Public Banking Institute.
  2. Apply Natural Remedies
    1. Utilize local and reserve currencies to help citizens in the transition away from the current inflationary fiat system (toward a more fair and stable system with non-exclusive reserve currencies).
    2. Promote market activity that is sustainable (generally, this means local, natural/organic, humane, eco-friendly, etc.)
  3. Prevent Re-infection and Embrace Positive Health - Organize admissible evidence of international banking cartels committing crimes and torts in America and abroad to reap unjust gain. Then (while erring on the side of caution), successfully prosecute cases of fraud in order to recompense people all over the world. Alternatively, what if we simply rebooted the entire system in a civil manner, with individual nations each making their own declaration of independence - rooted in justice, liberty, sustainable living, transparency, checks and balances, and respect for fundamental rights. (Love and appreciation for one another will go a long way too). The primary benefit of having nations and competition is to ensure checks and balances, and to promote choice and diversity on the planet, which in turn can promote love and respectful appreciation in my opinion.

The Author

This website is authored by attorney Greg Glaser. Here is my blog: www.LogicalHierarchy.com